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Charlotte McGregor
401.423.2200 x14

Jamestown Resident since:2017                        Hometown:Greenwich, CT

 Why I do what I do:My family and friends have always known me to be a very social person. In Real Estate you are constantly meeting new people and forging new relationships that sometimes last a lifetime. I think of myself as a concierge for houses…I will not only help you find the right house, but I will also find you the right area and amenities to fit your needs.

 A little bit about me:  I am a recent resident of Jamestown, having lived in Newport for over a decade and also a brief stint in Charlestown, RI. I have found my nirvana! My husband, two young sons and I adore this town and have set up permanent roots. I have always enjoyed sales and have applied it to the hotel and marketing/events world, and Real Estate was the next natural step for my career. 

 What I do when I’m not doing real estate:I can’t get enough of being active and exercising. You may just catch a glimpse of me running or biking around town, or pushing one of my boys in the stroller. I also love to sing and act, and have done a local TV and radio commercial here and there. Finally, loving this town as I do I also recently joined the board of the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce, and look forward to coming up with ways to help our local businesses thrive.

 Notable accomplishments in my Real Estate Career:Though I have not been on the Real Estate scene very long, I already feel like a seasoned veteran. I’ve had first-hand experience buying and/or selling three of my own houses over the past seven years and have gained valuable inside knowledge of the industry. Negotiating is my forte!