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Jami Krause
401-423-2200 x23

Our family bought our home with Island Realty in October 2014. I'll never forget signing papers in the conference room that overlooks the beach, watching my two boys run around playing in the water and finding sea glass. I thought "this is unreal, this is my new life!" Now here I am three years later pursuing a full time Sales Agent position with the very company who we purchased our home from. With 4 years previous experience in the real estate business, I'm looking forward to witnessing the smiles on other peoples faces when they sign papers in this office!

I was born in Framingham, MA but can't claim a New Englander as I was raised and have lived on all corners of the U.S., from Washington State to Florida to California. Jamestown is the first place I have ever lived that I thought to myself, "I may never leave." Jamestown has felt like home since the moment we got here. My boys both attend the schools and are fully involved in Jamestown Soccer. You'll find my husband, Jeremy, and I on the sidelines at the fields during the year!