Why We Like Jamestown

There's Something About Jamestown - Our Clients and Friends Share What it is They Love
If you've been here before, you can probably relate. If you have not, it's time to come and see what makes our town so special. You may just never leave! Bloomberg Businessweek recently featured Jamestown in their article "The Best Places to Raise Kids 2013". One small town from each state was chosen, and Jamestown was selected for Rhode Island!

Downtown Jamestown RI

Our little downtown. I like the simplicity of it. Not touristy or garish, but nevertheless welcoming to visitors, who can enjoy a quiet lunch or dinner among resident Jamestowners. I like that our little downtown has no chain stores or restaurants and that the businesses are run by people who live here. I love the beauty of the island. At every turn there is something lovely. I always find myself smiling when, as I drive south into town along Conanicus Avenue, our town dock pops into view with all the little boats bobbing around in the sunshine. And I love the colors; shades of blue and green everywhere—sky/water/trees. It is a privilege to live here.

-K. Michol O'Leary

Jamestown RI and Conanicut Island real estate - Waterfront and waterview homes for saleTwo things I love about Jamestown:
1.) Just being an islander and participating in as many or as few local/civic activities as time permits. (i.e.. Quononoquott Garden Club, Beavertail Lighthouse, St. Mark's Church etc.)
2.) Knowing that we have just about everything right here on the island and I don't have to/or want to leave the island for very much.

A Native Jamestowner...as I was born here...my mother missed the ferry to Newport.

-Ron & Brenda Ratcliff

Jamestown RI - Conanicut Island real estate agency

Conanicut Island properties -Cottages, luxury homes and condosWhy do we like Jamestown? Well, there's the obvious, the physical beauty of the place. As you know, we came here from the San Francisco Bay area which is hard to beat for its panoramic vistas. But Jamestown, from almost any angle and during any season, is really visually impressive. That's not only true when you're on the island, but also when approaching it, from any direction, by car or boat. I've never really seen anything anywhere quite like the view from the high point on the Newport Bridge heading west. And it's not just the water oriented stuff either...you just can't overlook the bridges, windmills, farms, parks, neighborhoods, homes, gardens.

Of course there's more. The village has a real feel to it, much more than just the geographic and business center of the island. I guess I would say it has "vibes." For a very small town there are a lot of institutions -- the churches, the schools, the community organizations, the entertainment, the social outlets -- this is not just your typical touristy stuff. It really is a very satisfying place to be when considering what one really needs to live well. There's an eclectic bunch of people who dwell here, smart enough over the years to dream up enough interesting and funky things to do to entertain and support just about anyone. As you know, it can be kind of a long winter sometimes.

One more thing. I can't get over the birds. Seems like we have every kind and color of bird there is, and they never leave, even in winter. I guess they know something, too.

–Jeff Hunter

The sense of community that has an open welcoming feel to tourists.
Charm of the village.
Proximity to the Ocean.
Bedroom community.
Rich history.
Active, creative artist community with many forums to art events It feels like home.

-Deb & Richard Danig

Jamestown and Conanicut Island is a great place for families to call home. From luxury homes to condos, we’ve got it all.