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Tim Archer
401-423-2200 x26

Jamestown Resident since: 1996                                    Hometown: Jamestown, RI

Why I do what I do: I became a Realtor® this year because I like interacting with people in a professional setting. I find the subject matter to be intriguing and easy to talk about. I learn something new every day while working this job.

A little bit about me: I have 3 siblings: Davis, Leigh, and Matt. I live in Jamestown with two cats, Fred and Wilma. I attended St. George’s School before going to University of Wisconsin then to Savannah College of Art and Design.

What I do when I’m not doing real estate: I enjoy riding my bike around the Island and hanging out with my family and friends. My two cats are wildly entertaining when I find myself lounging around the home.

Notable accomplishments in my real estate career: I am a new real estate salesperson, but I have taken the required classes, passed the required tests, and am eager to get started.